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Introduction to the Nikon D750: Basic Controls

Take great photos and videos with your Nikon D750! Watch this training video, and in just a couple of hours you will have the knowledge and confidence to create the images you want.

The D750 is loaded with features and controls. Learn how to operate the most powerful and useful camera settings for creating great photos.

Topics Covered:

• Wireless remote shooting
• Metering
• Exposure compensation

• ISO sensitivity
• White balance
• Locking the focus and exposure

• Flash settings
• Picture Controls
• and much more!

Great Photography and Video Production Resources

One aspect of learning video production and how to be a great photographer is learning your equipment features, lighting, and tools. Another aspect is developing an eye for the type of shot you want to capture, and then being able to use the camera and editing to accomplish that shot.

Following great photographers and videographers is a great way of seeing what is possible and getting great inspiration. Whether you are a lifestyle, commercial or wildlife photographer, Instagram has a ton of pages you should follow. Search Google for phrases like best wildlife photographers on instagram, and use Pinterest for terms like portrait photography or video production. Watch these pages and you’ll certainly develop your eye and inspiration. Then once you decide on and purchase a camera, bluecranedigital.com will have the resources to help you master the camera.