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Learn to take better pictures right now with our how-to videos. Starting at just $24.99!

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Learn to take better pictures right now with our Best Sellers. All of our videos are available on DVD. Most of our more recent titles can be purchase from the Apple App Store an iDevice App!

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inBrief Reference Cards!
A lightweight,laminated, foldable reference for your camera bag. Also available as an App for some cameras.

Learn more, then see if we have one for your camera.
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Essential Training for Nikon or Canon DSLR Photographers App! iPad / iPhone App to Train Photographers

For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users. These new apps are your express lane to better photography!

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Available on DVD.

Take great photos and videos with your Nikon D750! Watch this training video, and in just a couple of hours you will have the knowledge and confidence to create the images you want.

The D750 is loaded with features and controls. Learn how to operate the most powerful and useful camera settings for creating great photos.

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Topics Covered:

Wireless remote shooting 
Exposure compensation
ISO sensitivity
  White balance
  Locking the focus and exposure

Flash settings
Picture Controls
and much more!