Please review the suggestions below. If the problem persists, please visit our Contact Us page to send us an email. We'll help get your problem resolved.

Mobile Devices and Apps:

Q: My App purchase download has halted and is stuck at x%. What can I do to complete the installation?

A: This problem could be caused by a device setting, a previously stalled download or the WiFi connection problem between your device and the App Store server. Usually, restarting the download will solve the problem.

Keep in mind that it is a very large file you will be downloading, and it will take some time depending on your connection. Make sure you're downloading while connected to WiFi, otherwise you could use a large amount of your phone's data limit. Also, make sure there's enough space available on your iPad or iPhone. The video app will take up nearly a gigabyte of drive space on your device.

Here are a several things you can try:

1. Go to "Settings / General / Restrictions" and make sure your Restrictions option allows for In-App Purchases. If your Restrictions are set to OFF (and all options are grayed), there are no restrictions for in-App purchases. If Restrictions are enabled (ON), go to "Restrictions/In-App Purchases" and make sure the option is set to ON. Try downloading again.

2. Try double-pushing the HOME button on your device to reveal the apps that are running. Swipe upward to close the app.

3. Try deleting the Blue Crane Digital App from the device and reinstall. The "Restore Purchases" button should restart the download from the beginning.

If your iDevice is synced to iCloud or your iTunes account, log into your iTunes account and select the "Purchased" option usually listed under "Quick Links". Go through your tabs, and make sure you don't have an app, video or podcast download that has stalled during a download process. If so, halt the stalled download. It could be keeping the new app from downloading.

5. Go to Settings/iTunes and App Stores/Apple ID. Sign out, restart the iDevice and sign in again. Try downloading again.

6. If the app downloading problem is not solved with the solutions listed above, go to to attempt to resolve the issue directly with the App Store team. The problem could be a particular app or setting conflict.

Q: How can I delete one or more apps from the Essential Training for Canon/Nikon DSLR Photographers iDevice App?

A: You'll first need to delete the entire app from your device. Reinstall the Essential Training app, then restore just the video you want to keep by selecting the Buy Now button next to the selection. You WILL NOT be charged again, despite pressing the Buy Now button. iTunes will recognize that you have purchased that app previously and the download will begin. If you were to select Restore Purchases, both apps would reinstall. If you're still having problems, send us and email from the Contact Us page.

Q: Can I transfer the DVD contents to my iPhone/iPod/Android device?

A: No; these are different media. When you purchase a DVD, a streaming video, or an application in an app store, you are buying a separate product. In order to play our videos or inBriefs on an Apple iDevice, download our Essential Training for Nikon/Canon DSLR Photographers App. You can then purchase a training video as an app.

Q: Why can't I hear audio when I run a Blue Crane Digital App on my iPad?

A: There are two possible solutions to the "no audio" issue. (These two solutions are only relevant if "Mute" is selected for the "Use Side Switch to:" option found in the General settings.)

1.  There is a Mute/Orientation button on the side of the iPad.  Please be sure the Mute button is not engaged.

2.  On the main screen, swipe up to view the Multi-tasking control panel.  Check the audio icon to make sure it's activated. If the "Sound/Change with Buttons" option is enabled, this setting could be set lower or off (unrelated to the current main volume setting).

3.  Double Tap the home button, then close all of the open apps (there may be a conflict). Then, hold down Home and the Power button for a few seconds to reboot the iPad.

Q: Why can't I install the "Essential Training for Nikon/Canon DSLR Photographers" App on my iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch device?

A: If you were prompted "Update Required: This app requires iOS 6", then you'll need to update your iDevice's software before installing the app. If for some reason you're unable to update your iDevice to iOS 6 (possibly due to the iDevice's update limitations), search the App Store and look for one of our previously released, camera specific video or inBrief apps. We may have one for your particular camera.

Q: I just purchased and installed an app for one of my two devices (iPad or iPhone). Now, how do I install it on the other device as well?

A: Open the Essential Training app on the device you want the app installed, then select the "Restore Purchases" option located in the "My Library" section. The App Store should recognize that you've purchased the app and allow the installation.

Q: I just installed the "Essential Training for Nikon/Canon DSLR Photographers" App on my iPhone/iPod/iPod Touch device, and now I have your new app and one or more older Blue Crane Digital apps. Can they be merged into my new app Library?

A: The new app and the older apps are completely separate apps that cannot be merged. However, if you drag one app icon over the other, you can create and name a group of apps to save room on your desktop.

Q: What if I want an iDevice App refund or exchange?

A: All exchanges and refunds must be made through the Apple App Store's refund/exchange process.

DVD Questions and Issues:

Q: I can't get my disk to play on my computer. What's wrong?

A:  Playing a DVD on a computer requires several components to work together properly, including the DVD player software, the operating system, and the firmware in the DVD drive. Even if you can play other DVDs on your computer (but it cannot play ours), the disk may not be faulty.

Please test the disk by playing it on a standalone DVD player attached to a television. If the disk works there, the issue is with some part of the computer configuration. The most likely cause is the DVD player software.

If the DVD plays fine in a stand alone DVD player, try this: Install Windows Media Player (PC Only). Once installed, with the DVD in the drive, open Windows Media Player then double click on the "Untitled" (or other) icon. You may find success starting the DVD from within the Windows Media Player program.

If you're using a Mac or Mac PowerBook, make sure the "Start playing disc" preference in DVD Player has a check mark next to it. Reinsert the disc and see if it fixes the problem.

Q: I live outside the United States. Will your disks play where I live?

A: Yes. We do not place any geographic restrictions on our disks; they can be played anywhere in the world.

Q: I live in Europe where the television broadcasting standard is P.A.L. Your disks are N.T.S.C. Can I play your disks?

A: Yes. P.A.L. DVD players sold around the world can play N.T.S.C. disks. If you are playing our DVD on a computer your location will not matter as broadcasting standards do not apply to computer playback.

Q: I'm getting a "Regional Code is Wrong" error when I try to play the DVD on my PC. How can I fix this?

A: To fix the problem, right click your Computer icon and select Properties. Open Device Manager, then click on the small triangle to the left of the DVD/CD-ROM drives option to expose the DVD device. Right click the device listed under DVD player, then select Properties. Select the DVD Region tab, then select the United States (or Region 1) option from the list of countries. Select OK. That should fix the problem. If you're still having problems, send us and email from the Contact Us page.

Q: Will your disks work on a Blueray player?

A:  Yes

Q: I don't have a DVD drive on my computer. Do you offer your DVDs as a digital file?

A:  No. Like many publishers, we don't offer our videos in this manner to protect ourselves from digital Piracy. For those who can't play a DVD, we do offer Streaming Video (learn more). You may also consider downloading our Essential Training for Nikon/Canon DSLR Photographers App. This allows you to purchase and access our most recent training videos or inBrief Reference material using an Apple iDevice.