Nikon D80 inBrief Laminated Card
A Quick Field Reference for Your Camera Bag

Your camera manual covers all the functions on your new digital camera. It’s also over one hundred pages long.

When you are in the field, you need quick and accurate answers to achieve the best shot. We developed the inBrief line of camera guides so you can get the answers, and more importantly, the shot you want.

Each card is divided into twelve color-coded panels. The clear, laminated hinges allow the inBrief to be folded flat, saving room in your camera bag.

If you have a question about metering or bracketing, simply look at the yellow panel. Questions about custom functions are answered on the green panel. The layout and description for the control panel and view finder can be found on the blue panel. And a color-coded index on the front page immediately points you toward the answer you need.

• Camera Drawing and Labels
• Control Panel / Viewfinder
  Displays / Monitor Menus
• Focus and Shooting Modes
• Flash Photography / Optimize
• Exposure, Metering, and
• White Balance, ISO, Size and
• Playback Images, Reset Controls
• Custom Settings
• And much more...
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