Samsung Galaxy S5
Taking Control of your Device, Data, and Connections

Use your smartphone as the powerful tool it is designed to be. Did you know your Galaxy S5 can:

   • Sync all your data, so you can get updated contacts and calendars anywhere      you log in?

   • Secure all your data with a finger-print log-in?

   • Shoot beautiful portraits, like the pros?

   • Instantly invite your contacts to events and then update them if you change       your plans?

   • Find restaurants or businesses nearby, without needing to leave Google       Maps?

   • Put all the settings you need just one tap away?

   • Shoot bursts of photos for moving subjects?

The capabilities of your Galaxy S5 are remarkable, but finding the settings you need and understanding how they work together isn't always intuitive.

This guide walks you step-by-step through coordinating your calendars, contacts and email accounts using Samsung's pre-loaded apps. Learn how to customize the built-in features and put the tools you need most right at your finger tips.

Tired of taking snapshots with your phone? We discuss the camera settings you need to record remarkable photos. Then, learn how to save files and share them from the cloud without any loss of quality.

Cut months off your learning curve in just 90 minutes by watching this presentation. Our guide is organized into chapters, allowing you to move at your own pace. Watch it with your Galaxy S5 in hand, and return later to explore individual subjects.

Run Time: 95 minutes
NTSC: All regions

• Device Buttons
• Contacts
• Camera Function
• Using the Calendar
• Google Maps
• Working with Gallery
• File Storage
• Lock Screen Settings
• Picture Styles
• Quick Settings
• Customizing Home Screens
• ...and much more!
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